Corporate Culture


Aero Mould is a people-oriented company. The most essential content is to emphasize the core role of people's ideals, ethics, values, and behavioral norms in corporate management. It emphasizes understanding, respecting, and caring people in corporate management. Pay attention to the all-round development of people, inspire people with vision, use people to inspire people, use mechanisms to motivate people, and cultivate people with the environment.

Mission of Aero Mould
We are a mold design manufacturer and our goal is to provide customized solutions for the market and our customers. We will respond patiently and meticulously to any questions or feedback from our customers. For any inquiries from customers, we will promptly respond at a reasonable price. For any new products, we will professionally communicate with the customer, listen to the customer's opinion, and provide useful suggestions for product development.



Philosophy of Aero Mould

  • Focus on design
  • Attention to details
  • Listening to criticism

Spirit of Aero Mould

  • Pragmatic
  • profession
  • Collaboration
  • Dedication