Customers Praises

Michael from USA likes Aero

This is USA customer Michael, their company is

the top 3 disposable products manufacturer in America.

We made lot of thin wall disposable mug, wine glass,

Serving plate moulds for them and here is their CEO's comments:

Good afternoon Rita,

Hope you are doing well. Aero Mould has been the best mould maker I have worked with in China. I applaud you and your company on quality and on time delivery. The partnership between our engineer and your designing personnel works very well. We look forward to many

years of continuing business together.

Thank you and keep up the great work



Juan from Spain speak highly of Aero

This Spain customer Juan is our first customer from Spain, our first project in the year 2015 is aerosol cap mould.

After they received our first mould, they talked to me on skype that:

The mould is very good, cooling system is amazingly designed, very efficient! THE