What is the role of cap sealing


The role of the seal is to prevent leakage. It is to pr […]

The role of the seal is to prevent leakage. It is to prevent leakage of fluid or solid particles, and to prevent the intrusion of external impurities such as dust and moisture. Most of the beverages are bottled, and the bottle caps are mostly plastic anti-theft bottle caps, and this kind of bottle caps are also gas-containing and non-gas. The beverage bottle caps are mostly non-gas bottle caps. The shelf life has a direct impact. MFY-1 bottle cap sealing tester has simpler operation, stronger controllability and smaller error. The technical indicators of the Jinan Jingji bottle cap sealing tester are professionally advanced and are widely praised by cooperators.

The manufacturer of the Jingji bottle cap sealing tester has modern production equipment and high-tech talents, and has successfully developed the PCI expansion capture card and the Chinese version of the operating software, which is fully compliant with GB, ISO, ASTM and other international standards, national standards and professional standards. Claim. Successfully developed a single-chip microcomputer and a data acquisition system, a large liquid crystal display system was selected, and a Pwm pulse width modulation technology was selected for the control process, and the stepless speed regulation of the detection instrument was completed.

Technical indicators of cap sealing tester:
1. Vacuum degree: -90~0kPa

2. Accuracy: Level 1

3. Useful dimensions of the vacuum chamber: φ270mm×200 mm (H) (standard configuration)

4. Air source pressure: 0.7MPa (provided by the air source user)

5. Air source interface: φ8 polyurethane tube

6. Dimensions: 420mm(L)×320mm(B)×520mm(H)

7. Power source: AC 220V 50Hz

8. Net weight: 15kg

Standard equipment: main engine, experimental sealed barrel, gas source line

According to specifications: GB/T 15171, ASTM D3078 negative pressure sealing instrument