Briefly describe the maintenance and maintenance of the mold(2)


During the use of the mold, the punch is prone to break […]

During the use of the mold, the punch is prone to breakage, bending and smashing, and the punch sleeve is generally smashed. Damage to the punch and sleeve is generally replaced with parts of the same specification. The parameters of the punch mainly include the working part size, the mounting part size, and the length size. Fasten the parts and check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged. The method is to replace the parts with the same specifications. Pressing parts such as pressure plate, superior glue, etc., unloading parts such as stripping plates, pneumatic toppings, etc. During maintenance, check the accessories of each part and whether there is any damage, repair the damaged part, check the pneumatic top material for air leakage, and take measures for the specific situation. Replace if the air tube is damaged.
It is necessary to carry out key tracking and inspection on several important parts of the mold: the function of the ejection and guiding parts is to ensure the opening and closing movement of the mold and the ejection of the plastic parts. If any part is stuck due to damage, it will lead to production stoppage, so it should be kept frequently. Lubricate the thimble and guide post of the mold (use the most suitable lubricant), and regularly check whether the thimble, guide post, etc. are deformed and surface damaged. Once found, replace it in time;
After completing a production cycle, it is necessary to apply professional anti-rust oil to the working surface, movement and guiding parts of the mold, especially to protect the elastic strength of the bearing parts with gears, racks and spring molds to ensure that they are always In the best working condition; as the production time continues, the cooling channel is easy to deposit scale, rust, sludge and algae, which makes the cooling channel section smaller, the cooling channel narrows, and the heat exchange rate between the coolant and the mold is greatly reduced. In order to increase the production cost of the enterprise, the cleaning of the flow channel should be paid attention to; for the hot runner mold, the maintenance of the heating and control system is beneficial to prevent the occurrence of production failure, so it is especially important.