Selection of gate location in plastic mold manufacturing


When designing the mold, the position and size requirem […]

When designing the mold, the position and size requirements of the gate are strict. After the initial test, the gate size needs to be further modified. No matter which gate is used, the opening position has a great influence on the molding performance and quality of the plastic part, so it is reasonable to choose. The opening position of the gate is an important part of improving the quality, and the difference in the position of the gate also affects the mold structure. In short, in order to make the plastic parts have good performance and appearance, we must seriously consider the choice of gate location.
There are usually several principles to consider:
1. Minimize the flow distance.
2. The gate should be opened at the maximum thickness of the plastic part.
3. The weld marks must be minimized.
4. It should be beneficial to the gas discharge in the cavity.
5. Consider molecular orientation effects.
6. Avoid jetting and creeping.
7. Avoid bending and impact loads at the gate.
8. Pay attention to the impact on the appearance quality.