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The current application of bottle cap molds is relative […]

The current application of bottle cap molds is relatively wide. In our daily life, it is widely used in multiple packaging industries such as edible oil, beverages, candy, medicine, etc. It has the characteristics of high quality, energy saving, high efficiency, and long service life. What are the advantages of the mold?

Bottle caps have these relatively complete and unified quality standards and caliber parameters, so the production of bottle caps is relatively standardized. It can be said that the blow mold determines the shape of the plastic bottle, and the preform determines the quality of the plastic bottle to a large extent. Needless to say, the importance of the plastic bottle.

In addition, the bottle cap mold adopts the international leading two-level double taper positioning technology, and each cavity is independently self-locking to ensure the concentricity of the mold. The excellent cooling system realizes the high efficiency of room temperature water cooling, and it does not need to cut the gate, reducing the labor intensity of the workers. The mold life is at least 3 million times.

(1) Multi-cavity point: mature technology from 4 cavity to 32 cavity. Simplified hot runner works reliably and has low cost.

(2) High efficiency: using simplified glue-dispensing hot runner, no glue port waste, cycle time up to 5 seconds.

(3) Long life: The cavity is made of high-quality mold steel, heat-treated HRC52, the key core parts can reach HRC60, the mold guide pin and guide sleeve adopts oil-free lubrication, no pollution, and the service life can reach ten million times.

(4) Special design of the knife edge: the unscrewing ring knife edge adopts a split structure, the blade is not deformed, the positioning is accurate and easy to replace, there is no impact on the clamping, and the service life is long. Overcome the defects of poor positioning accuracy of the overall blade, easy to run, easy to damage, and short life.