Why use injection molding


To date, plastic injection molding is the most popular […]

To date, plastic injection molding is the most popular method of producing mass-produced plastic products-although if you are new to designing and manufacturing games, this is not to be missed. The injection molding machine has several main elements. A material feeder called a "hopper" in which plastic particles are poured; a heated barrel melts the particles; a rotating and reciprocating screw mixes the molten plastic and generates the pressure required for injection; the last is a An injection mold that can be manufactured according to the shape of the final product.

When it comes to manufacturing, it is one of the more popular methods due to its simplicity and ease of processing. If you are familiar with the process, then you will have already seen the results and have no doubt about whether plastic injection molding is the correct product design method. But just in case, here, plastic injection molding has 5 amazing advantages, and they will definitely change your mind.

1. Cost-effective
One of the most attractive benefits of plastic injection molding is that it is economical. Since most of the processes are automated, manufacturing costs and management expenses are greatly reduced. However, please don't get me wrong, but this does not mean it will cut corners-automated technology can achieve more accurate plastic injection molding. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are functions that improve accuracy in this process.

2. Fast
First of all-fast. How fast do you say? Between cycle times, plastic injection molding usually only takes about 15 to 30 seconds (although this may depend on the complexity of the part). A single mold can produce thousands of parts, and such a high output is another feature of the cost-effectiveness of the process.

3. Reliable
Plastic injection molding provides the option of using fillers, which can reduce the density of the plastic, but can also increase the strength of the part after molding. This is an option that other molding processes cannot provide, making it an ideal process for industries or products that require durability and robustness.

4. Sustainable development
More and more product developers (and the rest of us) are beginning to realize the factors in product design that both benefit the environment and reduce waste. Plastic injection molding is sustainable for users and the planet because it only uses as much plastic as needed to make parts. Not only that, if there is excess plastic, it can also be easily ground and recycled after use.

5. Strong adaptability
Multiple plastics? do not worry! Co-injection molding can be used for a variety of plastics, thereby eliminating the need for specific pressure. The co-injection molding machine is designed to combine different types of plastics to accurately produce the desired final product, so you will not sacrifice any benefits of using a specific type of plastic for injection.