The difference between injection molded cover and compression molded cover


1. The injection mold is large in size, and it takes a […]

1. The injection mold is large in size, and it takes a lot of time to replace a single cavity; each mold cavity is relatively independent and can be replaced independently;

2. The cap molding machine is a special machine for bottle caps, which has a special demoulding plan for the caps; the cap injection molding machine has no special plan for the caps at all, so the caps can be molded into bell mouths with high suspension rate. , Users like to use.

3. The injection cap needs to heat the material to a molten active state at a temperature of about 250°C; compression molding only needs to be heated to about 180°C, and the energy consumption of the injection cap is higher than that of the injection cap.

4. Compression molding has low processing temperature, less shortening, and more accurate bottle cap size;

5. Injection molding fills all cavities at one time, and extrudes one cap material each time. The extrusion pressure of compression molding is very small, while the demand pressure of injection molding is relatively high.

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